Wednesday, October 21, 2009


She's done it again!

That's right... KND operative Alejandra 'Male' Cuellar, leader of Sector ES (El Salvador) and member of the KND's Elite Ninja Graphic Design Squad has added even MORE win to her ever expanding portfolio.

Perhaps you remember the Cartoon Network coffee table book she designed for one of her classes?

Well, it that wasn't enough to get her graduated with sooper triple top honors, then the next thing I show you oughta do the job. Check it:

Rockin' right? Alejandra's assignment was to design packaging for a favorite toy, and she chose a Numbuh Three figure she had picked up at McDonalds a while back.

If I was handing out the grades, this would definitely be a quadruple A++++++++ squared with extra special bonus confetti thrown in the air.

But I might be biased.


Anonymous said...

that is so cool!!!

Matt said...

I wish Time Warner would actually manufacture that coffee table book. Would love to have that bit of history on a coffee table. :)

Bex said...

Someone HAS to publish that book. It's too delicious-looking to not be published! ):