Monday, October 26, 2009


Well, now that I'm finally feeling a bit settled here in LA, it's time to get out and start blathering again!

Yup... this November 16th, I'm hoping you'll head over to the Cerritos Public Library over in Los Angeles, CA... Because that's where I'll be reading 1000 TIMES NO, talking about animation, and maybe even showing some other books that are in the works!

Whatddaya think?

Will I see you there?


Claus Breitfeld, Madrid said...

I want to see you there, but it´s a little bit to far away from here.

Anonymous said...

I would fly all the way from the uk just to be there but its too far :(
sounds cool though


Anonymous said...

Aww, I wanna come! Too bad I live in Texas XP

- Numbuh 3.14 (Ellie) and Milo-Lee of the GKND

Bex said...

Oh geez, I wish. LA is sort of a long drive from Wisconsin, though.

Helene said...

I have family that lives right around that library! Hope you're doing great!
- Helene