Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My sooper powers just get stronger and stronger EVERY DAY!

Uh huh...

They do.

Take this bit of raw powuh as an example:

First, I tracked down sooper talented Jorge Gutierrez on Facebook.
Yes... THAT Jorge Guiterrez!
As in Nickelodeon's EL TIGRE Jorge Gutierrez!

I've always loved his stuff and I heard he was a sooper triple nice guy so I figured I'd use my powers to make him go to lunch with me.
And of course he gave in with little resistance...

So we chatted about all things animation over some tasty ahi tuna burgers.
I especially wanted to hear about CARMEN GOT EXPELLED, the pilot he and his wife Sandra Equihua completed for Disney.

Wanna see it?

I know... silly question. Check it:

Awesome, right?

Unfortunately, the powers that be at Disney didn't have their awsomosity detectors set properly and passed on the project.

But fear not! Jorge told me about all the cool new stuff he and Sandra have in the works. He probably wouldn't have told a normal person, but my powers were so sooper he couldn't help himself. How sooper?

Sooper enough for him to pay for lunch AND do this gorgeous drawing for me:

But you know what? I think he might have sooper powers, too since he somehow tricked me into doing a KND drawing for him AND paying for lunch next time!


I'm going to keep an eye on this guy... and so should you!


Anonymous said...

I remember EL TIGRE.
Good Design
Good Animation
Good Voices

Hey Mr. Warburton, I heard Dee Bradly Baker's voice! He's a sooper cool voice-actor.
Praise for the voice acting aside....
if this became a series for Disney, Nick's SPONGEBOB (that !@$#%-ing Sponge, pardon my French) would have a competitor.

R. said...

I remember watching El Tigre when I got home from school before my little sister came home every day... then I had to go inside to do my homework.

Carmen reminds me of Frida with the whole 'i defaced the school' thing, and Johnny reminds me of Manny... it must be the scar over the eye :) and Evan(sp?) reminds me of Zoey Avez coughcoughBlackCuervocough with her trying to get Carmen expelled.

And since Disney failed to see what potential an awesome show like this has, they must be having some sort of crazy juice over there...

Ah well, their fault.

brianna14 said...
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brianna14 said...

i used to like watching el tigre. carmen got expelled looks like a pretty good show. i caught myself laughing out loud while watching the pilot. disney made a pretty bad mistake not putting it on their show.

fancyhearingbell said...

Hey Mr. Warburton. Please watch this video. You will like it. I know you will. ^^ I made it especially for you!!

Kids Next Door forever! :P

Millers said...

I never watched EL TIGRE, but this? LOVE.
Disney must have had a very off day to reject this...