Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sooper pal and former development czar at Cartoon Network Heather Kenyon (who's now over at Starz Media) was doing some office cleaning and sent me the awesome bag pictured above.

It was a giveaway at the Annecy Animation Festival way back in 2004! I've never been to that festival (which is kind of ridiculous) and didn't even know the bag existed-- but it would have been pretty awesome seeing everyone in France walking around with Numbuh One at their hip!

Thanks, Heather!


AngelPhantom said...

That is such a great bag! Now that KND has ceased production (notice I did not say ended, as we all know that "The KND will never end!") I wish more merchandise like this could be made available to the public. More than anything I long for a DVD release for the whole series. Oh well, I can be pretty patient...

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