Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So ya think you've got the bestest best idea for an animated show and wanna take it to the networks so they can all fight over it and get into a massive bidding war and the next thing you know one of them is offering you 400 buh-smillion dollars and complete control over the show and they're gonna crown you as king of the merchandising empire and two weeks later your show is on the air and you've only had to work 4 hours to get it done?


And then I wake up laughing and go to the office.

Because pitching shows isn't really like that. At all.

But ya still think ya gotta pretty good idea for a show, right? So maybe ya oughta do some research on what pitching is REALLY like.

Well, ASIFA-EAST President for Life David Levy has just the book for you:

ANIMATION DEVELOPMENT: FROM PITCH TO PRODUCTION won't be out until September, but it should be worth the wait because Mr. Levy spent, like, forever, interviewing some of the biggest players in the industry (and me) about their experiences pitching and producing animated shows. And with KND's Numbuh Five on the cover, that pretty much guarantees the book to be awesome. So don't be shy to pre-order one NOW so ya don't forget later.

And if you haven't read it already, make sure to pick up a copy of Mr. Levy's previous book, YOUR ANIMATION CAREER: HOW TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE. It's a great look into what working in the animation industry is really like- although strangely he never mentions anything about it being JUST LIKE THE RAP VIDEOS!

Maybe that's just what it's like for me.

Regardless, make sure to check out Mr. Levy's BLOG every Monday for his latest insights on the action -packed animation industry!


Tanya said... I must have that book! I always love getting the inside scoop on pitching in the animation industry.

David B. Levy said...

Leaping Lizards!

Thanks for such a great plug, Mr. Warburton!!

And, thanks for being such a vital part of my upcoming book...

Numbuh 9.494 said...

Oh, cool! There's Super Why on the cover!

And SpongeBob! *cheers*

...And Numbuh Five.


Just kidding. That's pretty awesome. Must have book...

Anonymous said...

GASP! sounds like something I'd be into! I really want to work in comics/cartoons somehow! My first choice is manga artist, but if that fails, the first thing I'll turn to is animation! SOOO cool! AND Kids Next Door thrown in occasionally? Perfection.