Thursday, March 26, 2009


...I don't come up with the $17.99 price tag.

Still, this is a very nice review of my book from Reader Kids View, a site with book reviews by kids, for kids.

1000 Times No
Mr. Warburton
HarperCollins (2009)
ISBN 9780061542633
Reviewed by Brooke James (age 5) and her mom for Reader Views (3/09)

“1000 Times No” by Mr. Warburton is about a struggle between a toddler and his mother. It all starts when Noah’s mother says, “It’s time to leave.” Noah proceeds to say ‘No’ in many, many different languages. Once he realizes where they are going, he says yes. However, as soon as his mother wants him to get dressed, he is back to saying most toddlers’ favorite word – NO!

Mom: “What did you think about this book?”
Brooke: “It is pretty funny when he says no in so many ways. I didn’t know there were so many languages. The pictures were funny.”

Parent’s comments:

This book was definitely a hilarious situation that most parents have been through at least once! The pictures were great and I found the story very funny. However, I did not like how the toddler got his way at the end of the book. I used it as a lesson for Brooke: “Do you think he should have been able to go to the park after acting like that?”

The other problem I had with the book was the price. I would never EVER pay $17.99 for a book with this little substance. “1000 Times No” by Mr. Warburton was funny and the illustrations were awesome, but $17.99 is too much for this type of book.

Seriously, though. At less than 40¢ per NO, the book is a bargain! Other authors charge as much as $6.50 a NO, and even then they're all in ENGLISH. No Tagalog, Pig Latin or Aboriginal Australian. Just plain old English.

I'm like the Crazy Eddie of NO's- Cutting out the middle man and passing the savings on to the reader.

But perhaps the reviewer didn't see the Amazon link in the corner of the review:

Best price = $12.23

At that price it's like we're giving 'em away!

But hey... any review that uses the word 'funny' multiple times and says that my illustrations are 'awesome' has my eternal love.


Anonymous said...

For a Warburton fan like myself, I'd have no problem paying that much! Actually, I think I've seen more expensive picture books than that, and yeah, they ARE all in english! Anyway, that reviewer obviously never watched Kids Next Door.


nothanks said...

Haha.If the book was even $30 I'll buy it,maybe.Ha.You know,the highest pricing I've seen for a picture book is about $35.I'm going to get it when it comes to my local Barnes and Noble.

melody-gr said...

The Language of the picture is GREEK! The baby said "NO" in Greek!