Saturday, September 5, 2009


A sooper brand new, unblemished, white-as-vanilla-ice-creamy sketchbook is both exciting and scary. Soooooo much empty space...

Will it be filled with pretty pictures?

Or lame scrawlings that should be sunk to the bottom of the ocean?

Let's see where we are so far:

One way to ensure that maximum awesomeness goes into my sketchbooks is to have maximumly awesome artists draw in it whenever possible. Example: Sean 'Cheeks' Galloway, who I had the giant pleasure of having dinner with a week or two ago. I met him briefly at the San Diego Comicon a bunch of years back, and then ran into him at The House of Secrets here in LA... so we made plans to get together and eat. And of course, no one gets away without drawing me something:


Awesome artist. Sooper nice guy. And sooper sweet fiance, who came along for the meal!

Make sure you check out this guys BLOG
and get his BOOKS!

Another artist who didn't escape the new book was Chris P! I finally got to visit his studio, Titmouse, Inc and man, it ROCKS! They're always doing REALLY cool stuff over there, like Adult Swim's Metalocalypse, G.I. Joe: Resolute and tons of other stuff I'm not allowed to tell you!

Check out his drawing on the right side...

Were you expecting something normal?


As this book's been going on, the squid's tentacles have been turning into plants, pipes and other assorted stuff that travels from page to page.

Who knows what it'll be by the end...


Anonymous said...

new sketchbooks are the best! they have that new sketchbook smell. Ha man your sketchbook made my day.


Christine Y. Chong said...

man, i admire your energy and enthusiasm in the arts, directing, and even dealing with problems with such up beat out look, you just seem like you are never tired, do you even need to sleep? XDDD

You are one of my inspiration, when i feel down i just look at your blog and I would feel more energetic again. (not that i am out of my tiredness immediately.)