Thursday, September 3, 2009


Remember when I said you could ship me your copies of 1000 TIMES NO and I'd sign 'em?


Aw, c'mon... It was over HERE.

Oh... NOW you remember.

Well, that's what I'm doin' a lot of lately and I love ya'll for it. Here's a batch I did this morning:

And now that the school year is starting, it'll be back to doing lots of readings and signings--- LA STYLE!

(No, that doesn't mean I wear sunglasses whilst reading the book)

Oh, and here's a sweet lil review from Jenny the Librarian in Syracuse:

"The illustrations are bold and colorful and depict Noah with blond hair, curls poking out of the top if his head, and a large diaper that looks like it's about to fall off at any moment. He dons the appropriate outfit for his voyage through different cultures and children will enjoy seeing the many ways you can say "no." This book is absolutely delightful!"

The rest is hiding behind HERE.

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