Monday, November 23, 2009


"Since it was the first one, I thought it would be kinda lame."

"I thought it was just gonna be a bunch of artists selling prints and stuff"

"Eh... I thought about going but didn't feel like it."


These are a couple of the responses I got from people who didn't go to the CTN-X expo last weekend.

And you know what? I'm kinda glad everybody in LA didn't go. Because if everybody was there I wouldn't have gotten THIS:


That's right... I'm walking the floor of CTN-X and there, idling in his booth, is Don Bluth.

Yeah... Secret of Nimh, Land Before Time, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace DON BLUTH and NO ONE is talking to him. Sure... I've passed his table before and it was crowded. But this time... there's NO ONE THERE!

So I gots to stop and talk. And I gotta tell him about how his movies inspired me. And I've even got time to tell him how a long time ago me and my best friend from high school were at the local arcade (Space Port) and the manager asked us if we'd help move in the brand new Dragon's Lair machine. And in return we got a whole bunch of free credits to play!

But man, that game was HARD!

Regardless... what a guy. Sooper friendly, no BS, quick with a story...

and even quicker with a drawing.


But the sighs don't end there.

If you know me... you know I love me some Craig McCracken. Powerpuff Girls was one of the reasons I wanted a show on Cartoon Network. And then he follows it up with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?!


So what's next for him?

How's about his work-in-progress graphic novel 'Wander Over Yonder'?!

You may drool accordingly.

BUUUUUUUUT what about Lauren Faust, who just happens to be Craig's wife?! They had a table together at the expo and were selling prints, and t-shirts and stuff.

And perhaps you've that Lauren's sooper triple cute Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls are currently selling in world famous NYC toy store FAO SCHWARTZ?!

Yeah... I got a drawing of that:

So glad those suckuhs stayed home while I hung out and grabbed some awesome drawings.


Ikupoo said...

Don Bluth was there all by himself? It's hard to believe. I'm always shy about asking for drawings cause, cause, I'm afraid that I'll come off like a dorky fan-girl. But if I went around with you, then you could totally out do me and I would't feel so bad. lesson learned.


hey... i've got NO problem being a dorky fan-boy... it comes natural to me!

David B. Levy said...

You are already getting more from being in L.A. than most people who have probably been there for years...
I think it your NYC spirit that motivates you to get out and get your body to these places. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Wander Over Yander is going to be made into a graphic novel? Sweet!

Unknown said...


I JUST got the powerpuff girl box set the other day with christmas money!

I didn't even know he was planning anything else! That's fantastic! Is there any guesstimated time he thinks the novel will be done.