Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lunchin'... WITH ROBOTS!

After doing countless hours of research in libraries and on the internet, and paying off many, many street informants, i FINALLY found out where Bob Boyle goes to lunch every Friday to discuss taking over the world with his fellow evil robots!

It's at some pizza joint in Burbank, and after staking it out for a couple months, I finally did it! I risked my life by disguising myself as an evil robot and crashed their little picnic!

It must not have been a very good disguise, though. They didn't mention ANYTHING about taking over the world, enslaving humanity, or bringing back VCR's. And instead of drinking oil, they ate pizza and sandwiches. And root beer.

They were obviously onto me and decided to play it normal by talking about animation and books and stuff. Which was kind of nice. In fact, there was this one guy named James Burks (not his REAL robot name, obviously) who was a creative director on WOW! WOW! WUBBZY! has now his first graphic novel, called Gabby and Gator, coming out soonishly. He even drew me a picture of them:

A couple other suspicious characters in attendance were Kyle Neswald and Frank Rocco... both creative director designer types on Wubbzy and/or Kung Fu Panda, El Tigre, etc. They did these drawings... which upon further study might be attempting to further Bob Boyle's robot agenda.

Bob drew something, too. But it was so anti-human... so unbelievably pro-robot evil that I can't show it here! It was also his version of one of my projects that's sooper secret so there's that, too.

All in all, it was a very nice lunch, mainly because they were acting all human and nice for my benefit. I might have to show up again... not because I like them or anything. Just to make sure they're not up to complete and utter evil.

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James said...

You are always welcome at the evil Robot lunch. Now that you've been to one we can let you in on our evil plans to take over the world. (evilmeniaclevillianouslaugh!)