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Codename: Kids Next Door is still enjoying its triumphant comeback on Cartoon Network and is soldiering it's way through the episodes in the exact order they aired!

So this week (after the Johnny Test Marathon all day Monday) you can check out the end of KND SEASON TWO and start rocking out to SEASON THREE.

And there's some GREAT action-packed stuff at the end of season two:

The Interesting Twins From Beneath The Mountain!
King Sandy!
Lenny separates from the Delightful Children!
The Kid!
OMG I can barely even write it...

Numbuh 274... the Supreme Commander of the KND... guh...

I need a moment here...


Oh, how that hurt...


That's where things really started to get out of hand:


And now, if I may, I'd like to spew some anecdotes about this week's episodes:

Operation: UTOPIA -- When Head Writing Hierophant Mo Willems pitched this story, I completely and utterly pooped my pants when he got to the part where Numbuh One realizes that the Utopian island is a fake because Numbuh Four is swimming. An absolutely BRILLIANT reveal that called back to older episodes.

Operation: TRAINING - The first (and only) episode without any of the five core KND in it!

Operation: ROBBERS - Sooper powered storyboard artist Matt Peters claims that "If Numbuh Four gets any stupider after this episode I'll be drawing him as a drooling mess in the corner of each panel."

Operation: FOUNTAIN -- I was writing this episode at my secret hideout in the mountains when this came up:

"Okay!" shouts an incensed and exhausted Numbuh Four, "Someone explain to me again WHY we are risking our lives to help Leaky Leona?" An exasperated Numbuh Three insists, "Because she’s got pretty hair, silly!" But that isn’t enough for Numbuh Four. "C’mon! We barely even KNOW this girl!" he shouts, "What’d she ever do for us anyway?" Numbuh Five, finally fed up with Numbuh Four, grabs him by the shirt and coolly tells him, "Because the one time Numbuh Five DIDN’T help someone who was kidnapped by The Delightful Children they did something that she can’t ever forgive." She shoves Numbuh Four away and starts down the darkened hallway.
Numbuh Four is nonplussed, "What? What’d they do?!?" he shrugs. "They made me bald," growls Numbuh One as he follows Numbuh Five into the darkness. Numbuh Four stares wide eyed for a beat, realizing what’s just been said. "No way!" he gasps in awe before scampering after his teammates. Fade out.

Before that afternoon I didn't know why Nigel Uno was bald. So when that beat came to me I literally jumped out of my chair and thrust my arms in the air and shouted "YESSSSSSS!"-- which became a term I still use when someone comes up with a 'eureka moment'-- the 'jump out of your chair' thing.

Operation: DOGFIGHT - Supreme storyboard artist Guy Moore made it his personal mission to blow up EVERY KND ship that had ever been designed up to that point. Not every explosion made it into the episode, but he had fun doing it.

Operation: END - I originally pitched this to Cartoon Network as a full length movie but the powers that be thought the show wasn't ready for a movie yet. A couple months later, the consumer products people asked why we didn't have a movie in the pipeline. Sigh...

And one last tidbit... at the end of season two, Chris McCullough, aka Jackson Publick, aka creator of The Venture Brothers was hired to go through our storyboards and punch up the jokes. So pretty much anything you laughed out loud at in most of these episodes? He wrote that.

And there ya go! Hope you love watching these adventures as much as we loved making them!

Check the schedule over HERE!


Anonymous said...

i loved season 3!!
so much drama! :)
and 274...shame on you mister!
i agree that numbuh 4 couldn't of gotten any dumber than he was in season 3 lol
i am so happy now i have read this :D
bope they continue to show it


Anonymous said...

Yayz!! I loved Season Three!!! That was the time when I really became obsessed with KND....
And three of my fav episodes, Operation BUTT, END and UTOPIA, are in it!!! YEAH BABY!!!!

And BTW, I totally freaked when I saw the last picture..... XD

Numbuh 419 aka Darrel

Anonymous said...

I wish Cartoon Network US would throw some reruns over the pond for us Brits! I miss KND!

Still great to see that it's still got plenty life in it yet though. :D

Anonymous said...

i wonder if tom warburton will make new code name kids next door

Anonymous said...

I LOVE KND! I WANT NEW EPPIES! Numbuh 3 and 4 are so cute togeter! The last eppie was so sad... :-((! MAKE NEW EPPIES!!!