Thursday, January 28, 2010


If you're lookin' at Cartoon Network's schedule, then you're seein' KND SEASON FOUR dominating the week in the 4:00-5:00pm slot! And what kind of things went down in season four?


And we definitely met some fun new characters:


So how about I tell you some anecdotes about these episodes?

Operation: POOL - There were a bunch of cliche episode ideas I swore on The Book of KND I would never, ever, ever (forever ever?) do. Like an evil twin episode. Yet here's the evil twin episode. And it turned out to be a HUGE fan favorite... so goes to show you what I know.

Operation: NUGGET - Mr. Willems spent an unfair and inordinate amount of time throwing story ideas at me... and then throwing bricks when I said no to most of them. But when he came storming into my office and said, 'Chicken nuggets are gold nuggets' I screamed like a little girl. A pitch perfect KND premise that practically wrote itself.

BONUS: In case you were wondering what Lizzie's nugget song sounded like in Spanish--- WISH GRANTED!

Operation: CAKED FOUR - This is another of those episodes that just WORKED from start to finish. The idea that a technological genius like Numbuh Two refuses to use technology in the race, even though it's perfectly legal, made for a great story. I still chuckle at the idea of 'Farfigtoobin'.

Operation: SITTER -- I still love this line:

Cree (taking a taste): What kind of fondue is this?
Numbuh Two (purring): Well, I couldn't decide between cheese or chocolate. So I went with hamburger, taffy and orange soda.
Cree: (spit take)

Operation: MAURICE - This episode was partly intended as a good-bye to Mr. Willems (Mo being short for Maurice), who's first picture books came out blazing and allowed him the perfect escape from my tyrannical clutches. The idea of a great KND operative willingly being decommissioned and moving on to the next phase of his life seemed dead on with the achey-breaky loss of our 4 season head writer!

Operation: SATURN -- One of the handful of episodes to use computer animation up to this point-- the others being the Numbuh One sequence in REPORT and the opening of ARCHIVE. But this was the first one to composite our 2-D animation with 3-D elements. I was afraid of asking our overseas studio, Rough Draft, to animate billions of orbiting Rainbow Monkeys... but the Curious Pictures CG team rose to the challenge.

Operation: SNOWING - This one actually came from a dream I had where Imperial Walker-like school busses were abducting kids to drag them to school on a snow day... that's why I try to keep a notebook by my bed. You never know when an idea is going to pop into your head.

Operation: LOVE - Well, first... Mo's song writing was phenomenal and funny. Then composer Steve Rucker knocked it OUT OF THE PARK by writing uber-catchy music that got stuck in our heads. Then storyboard artist Matt Peters posed it out like he was on Broadway. And finally, with a devastatingly beautiful touch, timing director Karen Villareal choreographed it to the beat.
See if I'm wrong:

KND - Operation: LOVE - MyVideo Belgiƫ

And there ya go!

Hope ya'll love this weeks episodes and get ready for more next week!


Hundchen said...

I was so happy when they started reshowing KND. I now watch it every day and relive good memories. :)

Anonymous said...

the operation love song sung by kuki is genius..actually the whole episode is
and i loved numbuh 13!! hehe he is so funny
operation pool is one of my altime favourites though, the obvious and cliche ideas are always best :D


Rin said...

OMG >_< When I saw KND re-airing on CN I was squealing!! I haven't watched much KND when I was little but now I LOVE TO WATCH IT! I always come home school a bit earlier than I usually do and take naps AFTER I watch KND (because here, it starts at 4PM) I never want to miss an episode of KND.

And Operation LOVE was AMAZING! It was so adorable and I loved the choreography XD Just awesome! And it was just so cute when Numbuh Four got jealous when Numbuh Three was about to "kiss" The Delightful Children XDD. AWWW <3

I hope they keep airing KND !!!

Unknown said...

if you read this Mr. Warburton. you said back in you 2008 interview (yes rewatched operation i.n.t.e.r.v.i.e.w then scouted out your old blog forum to see what you said after it was one) and i want to know, are you ever going to come out with the galactic knd movie, or even a movie just to show when they are older as i really want to see what happens to father(whom i think is an amazing character.) please respond, i saw the re-runs and my siblings enjoy seeing them everyday since they came out.. you probably get this all the time but please satiate my curiosoty.. or at least tell me that it"s a secret or that there will be no more, any response..

- big fan

numbuh 24 said...

Hey i'm making a REAL knd! anyone wanna join? im numbuh 24 of sector A and I am leader of the knd. hopefully i won't be calling a game of tag soon!

Anonymous said...

can you please get cn to show operation interviews? i just saw operation zero, and now im hooked.