Saturday, March 6, 2010


So last week my son's school had an awesome Family Reading Night!

That's where all the kids get dressed up in their bestest best jammies, grab their favorite stuffed animal, and then head BACK TO SCHOOL at 5:30pm! Then everyone meets at the outdoor cafeteria (so California) and chows down on pizza and an amazing assortment of treats! But after that comes the best part:


Uh-huh... everyone heads off to a classroom based on your age or grade and gets awesome books read to them!

And guess who was rockin' the Kindergarten through 2nd Grade crowd?


Not Bob Boyle and his sooper new book!


And not only did the kids get a heavy duty reading of 1000 TIMES NO! These kids...

These lucky, lucky kids...

Got a reading of my latest book in progress!

I can't tell you ANYTHING about it because it's a double mega ninjas hiding under the bed secret. But from the kid's reactions....

It's gonna ROCK!

(I hope)

There were some other awesome readers, too... who I didn't get to see since I was busy reading. But I would have loved to see my neighbor Willie Garson read!

All in all, a really fun night!

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Anonymous said...

That's nice of you. Maybe you'll get some questions of KND from those kids.

Your son is lucky to have a father who's famous!

Make sure you reply to me from your Facebook and pos those Operation: Z.E.R.O.'s facts and stuff soon.