Monday, March 15, 2010


In Mr. Warburton's room
There was a sketchbook
And some pencils
And a picture of...

A squid playing music on a glass of wine?

And Numbuh One with a Samurai Sword?

And a sunflower with a cybernetic flowerpot?!

Um... yeah.
Maybe it's time to say,
Goodnight sketchbook...

Goodnight weird guy wearing a mask:

Goodnight Numbuh 513 (aka Scarf Girl)

Goodnight something that was found on the street and taped inside

Goodnight Jan Brady:

Goodnight Ugly Doll:

And goodnight dork with a guitar...

See you in the next sketchbook
Wherever you are.


Whackjood said...

Farewell sweet prince, we knew thee well. We laughed with thee and thy bizzare drawings, we laughed at thee when Warburton drawed silly things in you.

*Manly tear*

But, seriously though. You went through that sketch book pretty quickly. Good luck on having such a crazy time with the next sketch book when it comes around.

Guillermina said...

Mr. W, your drawings are really amazing.

Samurai Numbuh 1! That's epic.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! The Numbuh 1 one was cool!

Can you please tell me Numbuh 0.1's real name now? I don't want to keep calling him Rick if that's not his real name.

C'mon, if you won't tell and you please put it on the KND Code Module. We need to get our facts straights! Why don't you help us?

brianna14 said...

cool sketchbook!! awesome drawings!
numbuh one and dude playing a gutair...niiiice!!!

robstar1fan said...

Could you make one of Kuki and wally please? But... I love Numbah 1 with the sword!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the cybernetic flowerpot. It reminds me of a dream I had where I had to defeat a man with giant robot. I think after I destroyed it by seting charges in the cockpit, I landed in a girls pool. Thtat was a sweet dream.

nothanks said...

I see,Numbuh One comes back as a samurai after the GKND battles,I see...
You have the best sketchbooks ever,

robstar1fan said...

you rock man!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're already done? It takes me forever to get through a sketch book. Can't wait to see whatever you draw next!

Anonymous said...

Jeez, it takes me a while to go through a sketchbook. But then again, you seem to have your drawings take up two pages, which I think is pretty cool. I have the bad habit of trying to fit as many little doodles as I can on one page, and then all the art college people tell me I need to draw bigger. So I think I'll try your thing next time I draw in my sketch book.

By the way, I love the guitar sketch, and Numbuh One as a samurai.

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