Monday, July 12, 2010


Another buncha months go by...
Another sketchbook bites the dust.

This one went from March 3rd to June 25th, 2010 and this time I went with a bigger sketchbook than usual-- an 11x14 monstrosity. I've been trying to force myself to draw bigger and this was a great way to do it.

So what sprouted upon the pages of this tome of sketchiness?

Another squid/plant thingie:

Numbuh One meets a dragon:

Uuuuuum... I dunno:

A tree:

A... well, it's a... um, you know...

Oh yeah... when I was speaking at Full Sail University in Florida, I got to attend some lectures by a couple of former Disney animators. And of course, using my evil powers, I made them draw in my sketchbook. That's Sam Ewing up top (who I found out used to rock the NYC animation scene in the olden days)... and Barry Temple below (I studied his scenes from Roger Rabbit's Roller Coaster Rabbit incessantly when I was in college, stopping it frame by frame on my VCR!)

Towards approximately the last third of the sketchbook, I just started drawing random characters, one per page:

And before I knew it...


Another sketchbook cooked.

And now it's on the the next one!
I think I'm gonna go back to a smaller book this time, though.


Numbuh 115 said...

i believe the one titled "uumm..i don't know" would most likely be a drawing of you and all the things on the top are trying to describe the genius that lives in your mind.

Anonymous said...

Nice works!

Anonymous said...

Is this character you created and revealed on this post named Firefight?: I think sobecause his shirt says "Firefight wins". I hope you use him in an upcoming project!

Pistachio said...

One Piece?
Love you art, obviously.

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