Thursday, July 1, 2010


Lots of people often stop me on the street and say,

"Hey, sooper fabulously rich Mr. Warburton... what do you DO with all that CASH you've got lying around?"

And that's a very good question. It IS a bit of a nuisance but I've found a couple great ways to get rid of some of the stuff.
For example, I can:

1. Drive my money powered car around the world five times.

2. Build a 1:1 scale replica of Mount Sillymanjaro.

3. Give authors enormous bags of cash to plug my book, 1000 TIMES NO!

One such author is the mighty Jarret Krosoczka. I spent a LOT of cash on him and he spent a LOT of time blathering on about other Lunch Lady-ish stuff before FINALLY getting to my book at the
end of his appearance on DAD LABS.
Check it out:

Awesome, right?!

But UGH... there's that Willems guy again! Can't he find his own authors to give payola to? And I've got NO IDEA who that Hop on Pop guy is! Probably some newbie who'll never make it.

Anyway... sooper special thanks to Mr. Krosoczka. He might have laid it on a bit thick with the, "It's the first book that made my daughter laugh" schtick, but hey... big money requires a big plug!

Please Note: To be honest, absolutely no authors were paid off.
Unless, of course, Mr. Krosoczka's daughter paid him.
There's also no cash just lying around.

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Jarrett J. Krosoczka said...

I probably should hav added that it was also the first book to ever give her a papercut...