Sunday, September 26, 2010


So Mr. Warburton, you just joined a production a month before it premieres!
What are you going to do?

I'm going to Disneyland!

Yup... The House of Mouse was kind enough to give us the day off to go to The Happiest Place on Earth before watching the sooper exciting world premiere of Fish Hooks!

And while it was a pretty exciting day for me, it was WAY more exciting for show creator Noah Z. Jones. I mean, just look at the guy:

Well, either he's excited or just got goosed by Donald Duck. It's hard to tell.

And see that medal he's wearing? We all wore one of those. I got Mr. Baldwin:

It was cool to see how many kids actually recognized the show when they saw these things, especially because there were only a couple sneak peeks on the air before the big premiere.

I mostly hung out with Mr. Jones, head writer Tim McKeon, and storyboard artist Carl Faruolo:

While we were waiting in line for rides, we played a game called
That's where you pick someone, like Noah, and say,
"Your new family is the next one that walks by with someone wearing Crocs."


"The next family that walks by with someone eating ice cream is your new family."

Sometimes we were very happy with our new family.
Sometimes we were very, very scared of our new family.
But it was always fun.

Anyway... we did lots of awesome stuff all day. Usually we'd run into another group of Fish Folk and we'd cross pollinate into new groups.

It was a good day for not-so-long lines, too!
I went on:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Space Mountain
Captain Eo
Indiana Jones (aaaaaaaawesome!)
And I ALMOST went on Splash Mountain but bailed when I saw how wet people were getting.
I mean, I didn't wanna go to the premiere party soaking wet!

Speaking of which, after going out to a nice, if not hurried dinner, we all gathered in a conference room in the Grand Californian Hotel for the premiere!

See that?
See that guy with the poo-poo face?
Yes, you are correct.
It is HE.
My former Evil Apprentice on Codename: Kids Next Door.
Blake Lemons.
aka Numbuh 8675309.
He thought he could escape me by running away to Los Angeles and drawing storyboards.
But I found him.
And that's why he's making that face.

Regardless, we all had an awesome time hanging out, snacking, drinking root beers, and of course...

Watching Fish Hooks go on the air FOR REALS.

Sooper triple massive congrats to Mr. Jones, Executive Producer/Samurai Executioner Maxwell Atoms and EVERYONE who made this thing happen!

First season is always a killer and you guys busted your butts to make a rockin' show!

Now let's hope I don't ruin it!


Uncle Phil said...

Congrats guys!

Anonymous said...

I loved "Fish Hooks"! It was so funny and is a bit different from everything else airing on the channel. Congrats to all crew members for a job well done!