Thursday, September 2, 2010


A while back I openly professed my love for both Shonen Jump and One Piece
over HERE.

So I thought I'd share this drawing I did back then:

After I bought my Cintiq drawing tablet I spent a lot of time experimenting with it by giving myself little projects... and this was one of 'em!

I sent it to Shonen Jump to see if they wanted to print it but never heard anything back.

Booooooooooooo, I say.





This print DID get published in Shonen Jump!

And in case you didn't know,
we sell copies of it in the mighty printlab!
And to celebrate we're puttin' on a sale!

So go check the printlab, okay?


Griffin R said...

Awesome Picture

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest picture ever! Gosh, I love KND, but I am so mad because starting after next week, they will only play it weekdays at 12pm! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I am IN SCHOOL at that time! I will not be able to see my favorite show ever ever!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Well, I guess this gives me an excuse to buy them all on itunes now. Also, I think it would be SOOOOOO cool if you made a spin off series about Sector Z back in their time. That would ROCK!!! Well, even if it isn't about that, I hope you make a new series soon. I'm reading this blog, so I'll probably find out if you do. Keep being awesome!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Mr. Could you try NOT ROCKING for a day? Eleventy bucks says you can't do it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god that is so wicked cool!


brianna14 said...

dude, you have skillz :)

Phil E. Thompson said...

All these crossovers happening these days! First "The Grim Adventures of the KND", then "FusionFall", then "Poker Night in the Inventory" and now this! Blimey, one of these days, there's gonna be such an epic huge crossover that my head will explode! Nice one!

バッククォート said...
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Anonymous said...

Haha i assume you put this up because of the break, Oda is a genius and i'm glad someone as talented as yourself appreciates his work.

Bex said...

Aww man. If I was into One Piece, I'd totally be into this. Great job though. I love crossover pictures. I've always wondered about the Pokemon Kid that we saw in Operation: A.R.C.H.I.V.E. though. Was that...intentional?

Love ya, Mr. Warburton.

Emma Roe said...

Umm Mr. Warburton? can i ask you somthing....WHEN ARE YOU NOT AWESOME??? also i know i annoyd you on facebook about this but what if i guessed where sectuh v is? would ya tell me then? is it venita in oregon cause if it is i gonna blow a stinkin gaskit

HotTang said...

you have out done your self mr. warburton. just. out done yourself.

im pretty sure a blood vessel in my eye poped from the awesomeness this picture radiated.

keep at it. and i hope one day (maybepossiblymightbevery,veryunlikely) you'll make a new TV show.
i would watch it.
i would watch it TWICE >8D

Fabiola Mustang said...

Awesome!!! when will we see a Fullmetal Alchemist vrs KND one? I'm still waiting for it Mr. W... ever read FMA's manga on Shonen gangan? you should!

Anonymous said...

They've finnaly posted this in the latest Shonen Jump!

Anonymous said...

Haha, your fanart got a little thread in the One Piece subreddit. Thought you'd like to know! :)