Monday, February 21, 2011


So I go to the studio to record some voices for Fish Hooks, okay?

But when I arrive, the session before us is running late.
So we wait.
And wait.
Eventually, people being filtering out by the dozen.
And I'm totally eavesdropping to try to find out just WHAT show could be sooooo important as to hold us up.

And then HE walks out.

Yeah, HIM!
And if you've heard me talk about Ro Rao before then you know I think he rocks.

He's been in town rockin' a pilot for Fox these days.
And I wanted to hear ALL about how it was going.
So we agreed to meet up for some root beers the next night.
Little did I know that Ro would be taking me to
Soho House, West Hollywood.

Little did I know about Soho House anyway.
Apparently, you can only be let up to the fancy schmancy penthouse bar/restaurant/lounge if you're a member.


Heck, I just walked right in.


Three words, padawans...


(Or perhaps I'm so bland-looking they never saw me.)

Regardless, I sat on the balcony overlooking LA while enjoying a well-prepared beverage and loved EVERY minute... until Ro (a member in good standing) showed up to share the ambiance with me.

We had a great time hanging and talking shop with assorted other folk who came along, some expected, some not.

And while I'd love to tell you ALL ABOUT Ro's pilot.
I can't.
These pilot things are always so double triple sooper secret.

But I CAN show you this picture I took in the FREE photo booth on the way to the bathroom:

Man, I LOVE Soho House!


Anonymous said...


Oh yeah... Mr Warburton, there's been a rumor on DeviantArt that there will be an upcoming KND movie in 2012/2013
for it's ten year aniversary...
is it true?

brianna14 said...

HAHAHAHAAA! i did not expect that last picture!