Monday, March 28, 2011



Starting this May, the Cartoon Network universe is
gonna get to some serious punchin'!
That's right...

Samurai Jack!
Ben 10!
The Powerpuff Girls!
They're gonna settle some age old beef in a Super Smash Bros-style game called:

Oh wait... did I mention which character is gonna kick the most butt?
This guy:

Uh huh.
And rumour has it that a certain shadowy evil guy with a pipe is gonna be a playable character, too!

You want some of this?
Then go get Punch Time Explosion this May for your 3DS!

PS I KNOW... I already told them it's spelled NumbUh, not NumbAh... they're fixing it!


Smashmatt202 said...

It's not a rumor, everyone knows Father's going to be in it, too.

Still, nice to see you spread the word about this!

Lily said...

OMG this so rocks my socks! i needa get a DS O_O

Mariana =] said...

this... is... AWESOME! I'll definitely buy this!
but... only if it works for normal nintendo DS =p

PS. Off-topic but, yesterday was my birthday yay! =D

brianna14 said...

"Funniest Features- Bald head and big butt"


on-topic - sooper triple happy birthday, mariana!

Sunny Angelwood said...

*all the fangirls scream*
that settles it.....NO MORE MANGA SHOPPING! saving up for the game/ DS!
*all characters from .//hack and Death Note moan*

nothanks said...

Hmm...I've known about this for awhile now, and CN broke the news-what?- a couple weeks ago. Glad that you also posted it; the more who are aware of it, the more who will buy it. I have a DS lite and I really do not want a 3DS. Primarliy, because I never get on my DS. Anyway, my only concern if this can also be played on DSi, DS lite, and/or regular DS. If it is unable to work on DS lite, I'll trade in my DS for a 3DS, because many places do trades like that.

P.S.: I almost went off on Cartoon Network for putting "NumbAh" again. D: It urks me so much.

P.S.S: Happy late b-day, Mariana! :D Also, I feel obliged to mention that your birthday was two days after mine. xD

Madison Durrer said...

Aw, that's awesome! :D

Lily said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU 4 the facebook friend accept.
OK. Really now, i freaked out when i looked through the notifications. Made my day :)

Anonymous said...

I really hope this isn't just for the 3DS..

Did anyone else notice his voice? heheh. It's a little higher than usual, right?
but Nigel's still epic as always.

Smashmatt202 said...

The game will be released for the 3DS, but it will also be made for the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Those versions of the game will have more characters, more levels, and overall more content than the 3DS version.

Or so I heard.

You can contact the develope4rs here, BTW:

Hagenblagen said...

GAH! Now I'm being forced to choose between the new pokemon game AND a game where you can be an Uno/Powerpuff Girl?

... i died a little during this conflict of interest. I'll have to flip a coin later...