Monday, June 6, 2011


Yeah, YOUR resume.

I've seen a ton of them over the years.
And you know what?
Most of them are lame.


I mean, seriously.
You're right out of school.
You're an artist.
You're creative.
And you come in with this?

P to the U.

your portfolio is a buh-million times more important than your resume.
No one in animation really cares what school you went to or what kind of degree you have.
Or if you worked at Kinko's for a summer.
Or if you were in the debate club.
They wanna see if you can really DRAW.
If you have ideas.
If you make cool stuff.

But still...
You gotta come correct with a cool resume that stands out from all the others.
You're right out of school.
You're an artist.
You're creative.

So show it.

There are some pretty fun examples over HERE.
So what's yours gonna look like?

I still keep mine relatively updated.
You never know when I might get drummed out of the animation business for good.
Check it.


Charles Kenny said...

Wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head!

Great post :)

Mariana =] said...

Those were really creative resumes! And I loved yours too! =D
But, what do you mean with DC Comics??? =O


DC Comics is the company we did the Kids Next Door comics for!

Lily said...

Those were creative, though i liked yours the best.

roconnor said...
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roconnor said...

I'm going to disagree, esteemed sir.

90% of those resumes I would toss out after a glance.

In our business the resume IS unimportant -the information, though is always important.

Information is rarely boring and if finding that information is puzzling, then the resume is a failure.

There are places in to be individual in presenting one's work and self for employment. The list of credentials isn't that place.

It's like getting "creative" in filling out an I9. The artist may be "clever" but they're making the other person's job that much harder just to show off.


you're certainly not wrong, mr. roconnor. but therein
lies the trick to graphic design:

how to clearly convey information in a new and entertaining fashion.

my feeling is that
an I-9 is a form to be filled out.
a resume is a calling card.
why not dress to impress?
within reason, of course.

i do recall a story about a book editor who was highly annoyed by the space-hogging, life-sized lobster pot that was sent along with an author's manuscript about a New England fisherman.

Meredith said...

I enjoyed the post, thanks! I am told a lot that no one really cares that I was in the Marines because it isn't relevant to an art job. But isn't it relevant to the fact that a person with this background is likely to not be a flake but rather a hard-working team player, who is on time to work, functions well under pressure and meets deadlines? You would think this would be the obvious relevance. I put it on my resume anyway in hopes maybe someone will get it.

Mariana =] said...

Ooooh, yes that's right! How could I forget about the KND Comics? Silly me =P
thanks for answering Mr. W ^^

Anonymous said...
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