Monday, June 27, 2011



Didja hear that?

That's the sound of the first season of Disney's Fish Hooks being DONE!

Cooked to perfection!
(or as perfect as we could get it in the time allowed)

Yup... 22 half hours of Bea, Milo and Oscar rockin' your TV set.
And I gotta tell you,
it's been a blast getting to swim in their fish tank.
Know why?

Because of these guys:

No... they're not the long lost Jonas Brothers.

It's Noah Z. Jones, who created Fish Hooks
and Executive Producer Maxwell Atoms, who put together an amazingly talented, hysterically funny crew with
ninja-like fighting skills and sooper model good looks.

He also brought me on...
but everyone makes mistakes.

Congrats, Fish Hooks crew!
Way to kick some fish butt and take ratings!

So what's next?
Well, I get a two week break before slamming right into
season two post production.

Which is weird.

I've NEVER, in my entire 20+ year career, had a real break.
I've always finished one job on a Friday...
and started a new one on Monday.
Or the job ended and then I spent the next couple weeks
(or months) scrambling to find new work.
Not very relaxing.

But two weeks with the reassurance that season two is waiting for me is nice.
Real nice.

I think I'll go to the beach.


Mariana =] said...

Hope you'll enjoy your break Mr.W!
After 20+ years of work, I guess you really deserve it ^^'

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Ah Mr.Warburton I believe you have a connection with Maxwell Attoms here is a hint: BWA HA HA HA HA HA FEEL THE POWER OF ME SCYTHE. ring any bells??

Agreen37 said...

THE HOOKS, THE HOOKS!! Lol just kidding Mr. W, so fish hooks will be the new series in Disney? Can't wait to see it.

brianna14 said...

so you've finally decided to join me in becoming a beach bum :)

Chelsea Lavertu said...


If I could afford cable I'd get a chance to actually watch it.

Maybe someday when I make the big bucks!

Lily said...

Well, this little break probably came 20 years late, but enjoy it! And I guess since you can't bring your Cintiq on the beach (It's get all SANDY, right?) you'll get more time to draw in your sketchbook and then show us mortals the drawings!

Drury said...

I can't believe Numbuh 1 wasn't even mentioned yet...