Tuesday, July 5, 2011


'Tis that the sound of another sketchbook falling to the deft slash of me pencil?


And this one fought well, it did.
Twas a short fight, though.
Around two months...
But these sketchbooks with thicker, cream colored paper don't share as many pages as their lily-white brethren so it's understandable.

So what lies in this tome with the merry One Piece stickers festooning its front?

Okay okay... so when I'm bored I draw giant squiddies.
So what else is new?

I also draw a lot of plants:

BIG plants:

The occasional Egyptian god walking his sphinx:

A samurai turtle:



Flaming turkey legs:


And Dungeons and Dragons characters:

That's my character up top; Stacey Walker, Texas Ranger,
a surly, overweight teenage Elf whose dad owns Arw√ę
(the Elvish version of Ikea).
Below that is my version of Gyros, soopuhstar Fish Hooks
character designer Serapio Calm's Warforged Paladin.

What's that?
I haven't told you about the Fish Hooks crews' lunchtime D&D adventures yet?
Hoo boy... that's a whole nerdy post unto itself.

But for now, let's just bury this sketchbook and move on to the next, shall we?


Lily said...

I love it! I never get tired of looking in other people's sketchbooks and your drawings are always so original and inspiring!

Mariana =] said...

Awesome *-*
And I have the plant on the top left of the page with the houseplants =D
Actually, this plant of mine is growing pretty fast these days...
Wait, will it get as big as your drawing of the big plant? =O

Drury said...

I thought it was a bit too little of complaint for an e-mail, so I put it here, even though it's a bit off-topic:

Soup can lids with carved crosshairs do NOT work well as laser gun sights. Everything else, 100% satisfaction.

So ahem, on a bit more relevant note, I suggest you to purchase some kind of industrial paper roll, 3m in diameter (VERY VERY BIG STUFF in imperial units), that thing will never give up. And as a bonus, you don't have to turn pages. You simply roll it like a toilet paper, but in bigger. I guess that's not too hard to imagine.

brianna14 said...

ONE PIECE!!! i know this is kinda off topic, but i went to the Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the weekend and i saw about a zillion Luffys! it reminded me of you :D

and your sketchbook is awesome! i wish i could draw that good!! keep up the good work Mr. W!

Bouncer15111 said...

Almost your last chance. Fusion Fall KND treehouse pics along with sector v operatives pics and Numbuh's 2,1,and 5's pics as well My email TAJodrie@aol.com

Drury said...

You'll need to do it KND way dude.

Lots of rubble and guns and stuff.

Jabril Mack said...

I'm Likin that squid!