Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last year I
graduated from college.

I think.

It was a long time ago so it's hard to remember.
Regardless, at some point in my life I graduated.

And I was scared poopless.

Sure, I knew I wanted to get into animation.



Well, first I decided I was gonna try my darndest.
I mean, I was going to try HARD!
I was gonna try EVERY DAY!
And I was going to write down how hard I tried every day so that if I DIDN'T get a job in animation, at least I had proof that I tried my most darndest.

So I started this:

I kept a journal of my post-college journey towards a career in animation.
It's a little cringe-worthy to read.
I'm young.
I'm crude.
I'm immature.
Just like now.
Except for the young part.

But here, for your enjoyment, are some choice entries complete with names that late 1980's NYC animation folk might recognize:

And then, after what seemed like an eternity
(but was in truth only a couple months)

My first job!

Buzzco Associates.
The first time I stopped in they told me they didn't have any positions open.
(Especially not for a rookie straight outta Kutztown University)
But they also said I could stop by whenever I was in town.
To say Hi.
To use the bathroom.
And check if there were any jobs available.
And as you can see from the entries above... I DID!

And it's a good thing I done did that.
Because that's what got me started in this business.

So thanks Candy, Vinnie and Marilyn.
Thanks for taking a chance on some dumb punk kid.

And you know what?
Even after I got the job... I kept writing journals.

I'll show you some of those entries later!


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brianna14 said...

journals? kinda sounds have been keeping...diarys? :)

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David B. Levy said...

I can really relate to this. I had a job-hunt journal too, filled with leads, updates, phone numbers, and coffee stains. I started in the biz exactly five years after you but, knocked on many of the same doors. Thanks for sharing this!