Monday, January 23, 2012


While digging up that Power Puff Girls drawing I posted last week,
I came across another very postable sketch,
Specifically, this one:

Yes, maam.

That's an original drawing of Stewie by
none other than Seth MacFarlane himself.

I met Seth at Hanna Barbera/Cartoon Network/Warner Bros
when I was making Kenny and the Chimp.
He was writing assorted cartoons for these companies,
but in his spare time he was making funny interstitial shorts for
America's Funniest Home Videos.
You know, the show with stuff like this:

Unfortunately, the shorts never got put into AFHV.
Instead, they became their very own show.

Something called...

Family Guy

And you know how that went.

Anyway, when Family Guy was still in it's infancy
and I was back in NYC
my good friend and line producer of both my pilots
Diana Ritchey
(currently, producer on American Dad)
was visiting our small, but microscopic apartment.
Seth happened to be in town, too
so he came over to visit as well.

That's then I locked the door and told him no one
was leaving until he drew me a picture of Stewie.


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