Thursday, March 15, 2012


Why, it feels like less than 6 months since the Fish Hooks
crew moved off the Disney Main Lot and into the
Sonora building in Glendale, CA.
(details over HERE for those who haven't been paying attention)

That's mainly because it HAS been less than 6 months.
And now we're moving again!
This time over to the Yahoo Building in Burbank.

See, there's some new stuff starting up 'round these parts
(check 'em out over HERE!)
and those beautiful newborn babies need tender, loving care
and constant attention from the execs.

Fish Hooks?
We're in our third season and got our groove goin' on,
if you know what I'm sayin'.
So off we go.
And from what I hear, our new digs rock pretty hard.
Pictures to come.

Speaking of which, I'm a little annoyed that I packed up my office without taking any pictures of it.
All I've got is this from before I moved in:

And this, detailing my daily view of Mr. Townshend keeping my office rockin'.

All's left now are the plants!

At least we get Friday off while everything gets moved!
(note: I kinda hate days off--
they totally mess up our post production schedule!)
(plus... I like coming into work every day!)


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Kinda random, but do you remember that one KND episode where each of the members were trying to get a pizza box away from the DCFDTL? What's the story behind that? Thanks!

Bouncer15111 said...

Oh yeah and all the different animations, the first one with Numbuh 1 was awesome. I think that design was used for Punch Time Explosion.....