Thursday, March 29, 2012


I was recently asked to donate some art to an auction
that's gonna help the family of a storyboard artist
who's family is hitting some tough times.

And you know I'm ALWAYS up for that.

I started by roughing out something on the computer.
This is actually the clean-up of the sooper sketchy rough drawing I did
but I was dumb and trashed that one.

Just so you know...
roughing out drawings on a Cintiq
is the greatest thing in the universe.
No paper wasted,
you can copy, paste, and resize instantly.


After I got my poses down I printed the sketch out,
put it on the lightbox and drew the final with colored pencils:

Here it is all done:

I'll throw more details about the auction at ya
when I get 'em!

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Bouncer15111 said...

Cool pic. Speaking about pics, i can get you some good photos of KND things in fusion fall. I will give you my e-mail if you say yes. also click my name.