Monday, May 7, 2012

RIP Buzz Potamkin and MCA

Right on the heels of my mentor Vincent Cafarelli passing away
comes the sad news that Buzz Potamkin 
has moved on as well.

Buzz was, 
of course,
the namesake of 
the company he started and later sold to
Mr. Cafarelli, Candy Kugel and Marilyn Kramer
and renamed Buzzco Associates.

The studio was famous for animating 
the first, iconic MTV spots...

and the Berenstain Bears TV specials...

And the Hawaiian Punch commercials...

Buzz later made the move to LA where 
he worked for Disney
and Hanna Barbera,
where he oversaw the What A Cartoon shorts program.

I only got to meet him once or twice,
but heard many stories via Vinnie and J.J. Sedelmaier,
who Buzz gave his first animation job to.

You can read more about Buzz and his career over HERE.

And while we're on the topic 
of artists passing on,
I gotta shout a big RIP to Beastie Boy
Adam Yauch
aka MCA

His music has kept me company while
 I've drawn, doodled, illustrated, animated, and designed 
for as long as I can remember.

I never got to meet the man,
but there was a day when we 
shot each other a 
as we skateboarded past one another 
on the streets of NYC.

That kinda made my day.

Big ups to ya, MCA.

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Delfina said...

So many amazing artists are passing on. Gosh,what terrible news. I'm sorry about your losses and I hope you are doing all right.