Monday, May 26, 2014


So like...
did I mention that

Me and the stylish
took a vacation
(without the hobbits)
and hang out with
local boy
when we got tired of
classy, beautiful people.

Mo spends a lot of time sketching in Paris
and I wanted to get in on some of that action.
So i got a Moleskine
and had at it:

I don't always sketch people from life,
but when I do,
it kinda sorta maybe looks like them.

rocked the modern art 

One of the best parts of the trip 
was the apartment we rented in the Trocadéro.
It really felt like we had a home
instead of a stuffy, sterile hotel.
(thanks, Genia!)

We went to 
of restaurants.
One of our favorites was
which our favorite Frenchy friend Jerome 

While the Mrs. shopped the stores,
I usually doodled: 

Mr. Warburton fact #243
I don't really like hot drinks.
I only drink iced coffee.
But ordering an iced coffee in Paris 
is like...
well, it's like ordering an iced coffee in Paris.

So I gave up and ordered
Which are pretty delicious.

I thought the Musée d'Orsay
could have been called the
Musée d'Okay.

Ditto for the exhibition at the 
Fashion Museum.

Mr. Warburton fact #4
I don't really like wine.
But ordering a Manhattan in Paris 
is like...
well, it's like ordering a Manhattan in Paris.

So I drank wine.
And it was fine.

That said,
they make a life-fulfilling Manhattan
(that costs a million euros)

I didn't want to order a hamburger in Paris.
But everyone was ordering one at
Canal St. Martin:

Did you know that there's a convenient underpass 
that takes you to the 
Arc du Triomphe
so you don't have to risk your life dodging 
hurtling trucks and angry motorists 
to get there?

I didn't.

I think my favorite part of the trip might 
have been our tour of the
world famous
(but that's a tale for a later post)

(thanks Apollonia!)

On the plane home, 
I tried remembering
French-type stuff
for future reference:

I wish I had got more sketching done.
But I was too busy doing

Keep it locked
to hear more about it.

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Liam'sWorld said...

Hey Tom,
This profile of you says that you're working on a children's novel with pictures a la "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" (?) called "School Bus 7", about a school bus that's the size of the Queen Mary:
Is this still true? I'm asking you this because the pilot based on "1000 Times No", which is also mentioned in the profile was already made.
If "School Bus 7" (i.e. the novel) is no more, then I wouldn't mind you pitching the concept to Disney as one for a new animated TV series!