Monday, May 12, 2014


One of the signs of a healthy
animation studio
is the amount of 
gag drawings
being passed around.

Or it's a sign of a
miserable studio
filled with disgruntled artists
but either way
it makes for
plenty of funny doodles.

Most of the time
everyone is grinding out
caricatures of each other
in ridiculous situations.

Some of the first drawings 
I starred in were at 

As a lowly intern,
I got all the weird jobs.
Like having to search 
New York City 
for a
because we needed one for drawing reference.
(no internet back then, yo)

by mike baez

bryon moore

Here's me wearing a pair of 
bumblebee slippers around the studio:

bryon moore

Someone turned on a fan next to my desk
one day and:

And then:

This one's from the bathroom/smoking lounge
of Jumbo Pictures
on the first season of
(It grosses me out that I used to smoke so much!)

bryon moore
(pictured from left: bryon moore, sue burgos, dummyhead, nancy lane, simon deitch)

Most of the drawings I have
are from the 5 mighty years I spent at
especially from
Beavis and Butthead:


mr. warburton

mr. warburton


Birthday cards were a wonderful 
opportunity to stick it to your fellow co-worker.
Gideon Kendall
killed it and
can he draw:

Gideon Kendall

I did this one for Gabrielle Ojeezwhatsherlastname
based on
Schoolhouse Rock 
episode we were working on:

mr. warburton

gideon kendall and me

The Dean we speak of is
venerable animator
His move from the big city to 
White Plains
inspired me to draw a
Life In Hell-style comic
based on his exciting new life:


I did this for
production queen
Irene Cerdas:

mr. warburton

Here are a couple from
Schoolhouse Rock's 


dean lennert?

nate kaunfer?

I have 
why I'm having dinner with
Boy George in this drawing:

 David Wachtenheim

This had something to do with the suggestion
that my nose looks like the
Statue of Liberty's

Bryon Moore

Or that my hair looked like a carrot:


I often sat around
waiting for
Beavis and Butthead creator
Mike Judge
to show up 
and approve our character designs:

mr. warburton


mr. warburton

One day I'll post more
because I've got 
millions of these.

But if you want the
NSFW drawings
you gotta talk to

He kept all those for
research purposes.

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