Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I got to visit my old
NYC stomping grounds over the holidays.

We ate and drank good:

We went ice skating:

Wandered the 

And got to see the 
natural sculpture of NYC:

Speaking of sculpture,
I was reminded how much I love the work of
when we made our way through the 
14th street subway station.

His work literally
litters the place:

His pudgy little 
characters are tucked into 
all manner of crack and crevice:

I wish I had time to track them all down,
but here are some other pieces he's done for assorted 
other places:

And while I love the work of Mr. Otterness,
he's not without controversy.

When he was young he made an
"art film"
where he adopted a dog and then shot it.
He has apologized profusely for doing 
something so heinous in his youth,
but that didn't stop
someone from adding their own
unauthorized fake
Tom Otterness
sculpture to the subway.

Another reason I love

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