Friday, February 27, 2015


Mo Willems
 is always yelling at me 
to join
The National Cartoonist Society.

And I 
intend to.

But then I forget.

But I didn't forget to go to 
this get-together:

As promised,
there was some 
serious cartoon business
that needed to be taken care of.

Like voting in a new secretary.
And choosing a design for a 
NCS patch that would match everyone's plaid jacket,
as you can somewhat see in this horrendously 
blurry picture.

There was also a fun bit where assorted artists got up to show
the cartoon or illustration they first got paid for,
which led to some funny stories.

Especially NCS stalwart
who's always good for a laugh!

After assorted other secret business,
New Yorker cartoonist
got up to talk about his process
making cartoons for the
New Yorker.

I've been reading the New Yorker forever,
so it was fascinating hearing Mr. Gregory explain
how cartoons are made for the magazine.
Master of ceremonies
and fellow 
New Yorker cartoonist
chimed in as well,
which rocked.

Thanks NCS!

Can't wait for the next event!

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