Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Hate me because I can't finish 
my lastest sketchbook.
And it ain't gonna wind up anytime soon--
It's not even half full!

Speaking of half full,
here's one of the few sketchbooks
that I never finished.

This book ran from 
July 28, 1996
sometime in 1998.
It most likely got abandoned 
because I got busy making the 
Kids Next Door pilot.

But I liked where it was going:

Within this tome I found
the certificate for
 the first film
I made that got into a festival!

When I got to Ottawa,
I was distraught at the lack
of my two favorite vices at the time:

Here are some early doodles for who would later become
Professor Triple Extra Large:

Here's a very early sketch of
the KND.

I thought I had figured 
out their proportions by this time!

When I came out to LA to make my pilots,
Cartoon Network put me up at the
infamous Oakwood Apartments:

And look...
Here's the old
fax cover sheet:

And a set-list for one of my favorite 
roque and roll bands,

And here's a creepy birthday picture of me at
J.J. Sedelmaier Productions
where I was so generously gifted with a
 rare Grouch Marx book, mask and cigar.

And this still makes me giggle:

I feel bad for my latest sketchbook.
I rarely doodle in it because I'm so busy with some
other sooper secret projects.

Hope I can tell you about them soon!

But enough about me--
why aren't you drawing in


Unknown said...

Because I'm supposed to be drawing barcodes right now :).

But I did find an unfinished sketchbook from a couple of years back and I just notice I have some unfinished concepts for a guy with electric powers with very long eyebrows. XD

Mariana =] said...
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Mariana =] said...

Because I'm lazy and end up watching cartoons and playing videogames instead of starting a sketchbook xD

Estefania D said...

Love how you ended this post! definitely we should draw more. <3

I've never write a comment even though I really like to read your blog, so for this time I would like to thank you for sharing all this experience for me and I'm sure for many others inspire us.

Have a wonderful day!