Friday, August 26, 2016



Keep it down!

You don't want to wake up the latest
sketchbook I just finished.

This one ran from 
February 12, 2016
August 23rd, 2016
which is about par for the course these days.

And as always,
a good portion of the book is taken up with brainstorming
 on sooner secret projects that are in
varying stages of done-ness--
some of which I hope to announce soon!

(But nope... sorry.  None of them are G:KND)
(Boooooooooooo, Cartoon Network!)
(Trust me... I'll tell you if there is ever any news on G:KND!)

I'm was happy with
this sketchbook's sticker mash-up:
Sooper Saiyan Mickey!

The guardian pigs on the title page 
got a smidge smudgy:

drew that guy on the postcard
so I gave him a body:

Kelley drew me some awesome 
Yugioh cards:

This was the rough drawing for an auction piece:

And then we were done here:

Not a lot of exciting stuff to show...
but like I said, 
most of the book got eaten with work stuff.
The main thing is that sketchbooks are still 
getting filled after all these years!

Hope you're filling your sketchbooks up with
killer drawlings!


Unknown said...

Hey Tom you can always make a deal with The people of AdultSwim and sign a contract with them and the show gets picked up just like Samurai Jack in 2016 or make a deal with Netflix that way the G.KND will get picked up from there.

Liam'sWorld said...

Guardian Pigs? That sounds like it has potential for a new show from you! Hey, maybe if Cartoon Network isn't interested in "Galactic Kids Next Door", you can always pitch THAT or some other original project to the Network instead!

Anonymous said...

please let there be at least Teens next door if no Galactic ok? at least u can let us have that huh, cartoon network?