Thursday, September 8, 2016


Mo Willems used to be dumb.
He used to invite lots of artsy fartsy people over for dinner
and then they'd draw all over his nice dining room table.

So he'd throw it out and get a new one.

And then it'd happen again.

And again.

But then one day,
his wife suggested putting paper over 
the table whenever art freaks came over.

And that's exactly what we did
when I flew out to do some 
top secret book stuff with Mr. Willems.

We had a delicious meal prepared 
by Mrs. Willems
and then commenced to drawing.

Here's the morning aftermath:

This was my mess:

And this is the boy with the dumpling for a brain.

He later transformed into this:

Mrs. Willems specializes in 
cool, colorful patterns:

drew both Mo's daughter Trixie
and her own daughter, Vivianne.

Her husband Matt is a killer painter
and did some really amazing sketches.

Vivianne's got skills, too!

We spent a lot of time experimenting with writing 
and/or drawing with our opposite hands and/or our eyes closed.

Marquetry master and part time 
Model T driving Santa Claus
proved that every finger has a personality
as well as a story.

You should meet him.
He's a riot:

Trixie's art gets better and better
every time I see it:

and whatshisface Mo did this:

And this:

It's always fun ruining Mo's furniture!



Julie Herman Goldman said...

Love seeing this! I went to high school with Mo and marveled at his work in our school newspaper (and in the notebook margins) even then. What a fun spirit he has.

Mary B. Teachin' said...

So jelly. Invite me to doodle mo. I doodle at every meeting I attend!!!

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