Monday, September 12, 2016


Somewhere out there is a
Codename: Kids Next Door
who's making awesome use of their time.

you may ask?

By actually 
Galactic: Kids Next Door

And it's one hundred and sixteen kinds of

Check it:

I especially love the message at the end:

Way to go, Rat Animation!
You've earned a killer promotion in the KND!
Please report to Moonbase for your celebratory ice cream party!

And in case you've lived under a big, dumb and
 very quiet rock that doesn't have an internet connection,
the original 
g:KND animatic is over


Unknown said...

Thanks Galactic Kids Next Door RULES!

Unknown said...

Please make an animatic!!! We can all team up and make g:knd viable! That'd be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

my jaw literally dropped! wow. its as if it was real. totally cool.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of making g:KND a web comic? It would cost half of the time and money of doing a full animation. Also KND fans will get to learn more about the g:KND and I know that I would love to read it.

Mariana =] said...

I must say that this was amazing, and he/she even offered animating a first episode, really cool. :)

Unknown said...

Plz mr warburton go ask netflex or adultswim they will accept the new show or u can make a tube channel & animated with help of fans we all support u srsly u dont need cn to improve how awesome ur ideas r plz make it happen

Roshawn Terrell said...

Seriously i bet Netflix would love to collaborate with you guys to make something like this.

Sweet Sharma said...

Eye catching Work. Keep It up

Feliciarodriquez said...


Anonymous said...

Galactic Kids Next Door Coming in May 2021 on HBO Max

Jamal said...

Galactic Kids Next Door Coming in May 2021 on HBO Max