Monday, April 4, 2011






These are some of the most evil sooper villains of all time!
And they were created by the kids who came to my cartooning workshop at the Cerritos Public Library a couple weeks ago!

First thing we did was hand out a set of KND model sheets to the 50+ kids in attendance. Don't know what a model sheet is?
Here's an example:

Since animation requires LOTS of artists, everyone is given model sheets so they're all drawing the characters the same way. It shows the character from the front, back, side and 3/4 views, shows him or her in assorted different poses and gives little tips on how to draw them. Basically it's a cheat sheet that you're encouraged to use!'

So armed with these, the kids each picked a character and practiced drawing them while I went around and gasped at what a great job they were doing!

After each and every one of them mastered how to draw the Kids Next Door we moved onto the next step:

Drawing THEMSELVES as KND operatives.
They picked their own Numbuhs...
Chose their own sectors...
And created some characters that Numbuh One would have
been proud to work with!

But what's a KND operative without a sooper villain to fight?!

That's when we got down to drawing the bad guys!

I wish I had snapped some pics of some of these no-good-doers because they were awesome!

Bowtie Man insisted that all children wear bowties all the time!
The Videogame Stealer stole videogames from you right when you were about to get a high score!
And Catnapper stole your cat when you weren't looking!

Sheesh-- I woulda been proud to have any one of these kids working on the show back when we were in production!

And finally, as a reward for working so hard, we watched a brand-new, un-aired episode of Fish Hooks! It's always pretty cool to be the very first kids to see an episode and this group definitely earned it!

So all and all, we had a rockin' time!
Lots of fun!
Lots of drawing!
And no injuries!

Can't ask for much more than that, right?

Thanks to everyone at the library for having me back again!
It's always a pleasure!


Lily said...

Oh my god! I wish soooo much I was there...i mean, I tried making up my own KND sector with 5 members (Sector X, in case you wondered), but I never thought about drawing SUPERVILLAINS O_O.

emmaleigh said...

OMG i wish i would have been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i freaking love KND and i'm 15 years old! did you have any 15 year olds there? anyways, are you doing anymore????????? cause i would definatly want to go!

brianna14 said...

i wish i was there!!!! next time, okay mr. warburton? just give me the date and time and i'll be there!
and emmaleigh, i'm 15 too!!

__Mariana__=] said...

These kids don't know how lucky they are!
I wish i could go there too! Dx

and i was 15 too 10 days ago x]

Lily said...

Ok, I'm only fourteen, but age matters no more when we talk about COOL CARTOONS!

brianna14 said...

Lily, you are speakin' my language! i totally agree with you!

EmmaRoe said...

HAHA!!! im 11 i NEED to go to tha next one like NEEEED to!!!!

Asterisk said...

Can you provide a PDF or whatever of that Model sheet that I can print out for my kids ?

Justin De Lucia said...

Exactly what Asterisk said.

Could you possibly create a .zip file containing PDF/PNGs of the model sheets you handed out?

Sophia said...

Oh my god!!!! I so wish I was there!!!!!! Why did the show have to cancel!!!! It was the best thing on cartoon network! For CN I mostly watch KND the total drama and then 6teen.

Anyways getting off topic, I might use that Hoagie cheat sheet, I can never draw Hoagie, he's to rotund haha. I so i wish I was there!

Anyway that KND might get another chance on CN?? it was the best show and I'm 15 and still watching it (much again my moms wishes haha)

This is so cool! I don't think I said that.... Haha

Sunny Angelwood said...

Any chance you could do one in Oklahoma? :3

rgarcia said...

OMG!!! KND was my favorite childhood show!! I would never miss a single episode, but I can't believe I missed the CREATOR OF THE SHOW in my own city!! I live in Cerritos and I missed this!!

Like Asterisk said, any chance we could get those model sheets? I'd love to learn to draw the characters.

Anonymous said...

If I were there, I would have drawn the Incompetent Fools From Around the Lake :D