Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cartoon Network Action Pack #29

What's that on on the cover of the latest Action Pack? Just a sneak preview of Cartoon Network's latest show Secret Saturdays, which is gonna premiere Friday, October 3rd. But look inside for something even BETTERERER: new KND vs. DCFDTL comics from the likes of comic book soldier Scott Shaw! and the stylish Stephanie Buscema (who just so happens to be the granddaughter of comics legend John Buscema!).

Most of you know the deal... KND vs. DCFDTL is a loose semi-homage to the great Spy vs. Spy comics in Mad magazine. For each set we get a different artist to interpret the KND in their own style!

Check out this sneaky peak by Stephanie:

Cool, right? I love seeing what each artist brings to the look of the KND world. If you wanna see more examples of wild styles, head back to the old Kids Next Blog for a post i did a couple months ago.

In other rockin' news... make sure you grab the latest Peanuts anthology!
Firstly, because it really is the greatest comic strip of all time and EVERYONE should read, learn, live, love and laugh with it. And secondly, because sooper pal Mo Willems did the introduction, which is a dream come true for him!

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