Monday, October 20, 2008

KND on Demand!

While KND is NOT currently gracing the airwaves of Cartoon Network, it IS on CN Video, streamin' like there's no tomorrow in all it's magnificent low-res glory! Currently, there are only a couple episodes playing, but they're goodies:



And they're all 100% free... if you consider having to watch a couple commercials 'free'. Then it's something like 78% free. I gotta check the math on that, though. Regardless, here's the link:

Hopefully they'll get more episodes up soon. I hear they're putting up all 6 seasons of Billy and Mandy!

But if ya got something against commercials, you can always go to iTunes and grab all the episodes of KND season 6 or the sooper huge movie Operation: Zero (STILL one of the big selling movies in the 'Top TV Seasons' category!). They'll cost you a couple bucks per episode, but they look prettier and there ain't no commercials.

So what're ya doin' readin' goofy blogs? Go do yourself some KND watchin'!

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