Monday, October 6, 2008

The Semi-Triumphant Return of Mr. W

For those of you interested in not so interesting Mr. Warburton trivia... a long time ago in a Pennsylvania far, far away I attended Kutztown University- home of the Kutztown Folk Festival, stomping grounds of pop artist Keith Haring, alma mater of football star Andre Reed and place where other random things have happened.

And I hadn't been back there in years- that is until last spring when Mr. Willems called and said he had to attend a librarian's conference at Kutztown. He needed a 'cultural attache' to speak to the natives, show him the local customs, and help him convert American money into root beers. And he asked me if I'd do the honors- mainly because the first 34 people he asked said 'no'.

Regardless, we had a blast! The other authors attending the conference, Eric Rohmann, Christopher Myers and Kate Dicamillo were all AMAZINGLY fun to hang out with and I actually got a little, teeny tiny, maybe choked up a couple times whilst wandering the campus remembering the good 'ol days. I even got to see a bunch of my old professors at a nice reception the President of the University threw for us all (his kids are BIG KND fans!).

And while I was there, one of the professors asked if I'd come back to do a little lecture/film festival/chat in the Fall.

Well, it's the Fall now:

(awesome poster designed by KU student Jared Bischoff!)

So stop on by if yer in Kutztown. And if yer not... there's always the Bieber Bus!
('Remember: If it doesn't say Bieber... it doesn't go to Kutztown')


freelanceJT said...

Hi Tom

Don't know if you remember me, Judie Reitsema CD class of 1990 also. I use to hang with you and Matt at your cliffs apartment. Glad to hear you are doing great! I keep telling my 2 boys that I know the guy who does KND. They don't believe me. We have also watched some other things you have done in the past. I use to be an art director for a publisher, but now I am currently doing some freelance work at home to spend time with my boys. I hope to make it to KU for the CD Homecoming. If not, good luck on your presentation. As I remember, you were great at talking up a story. Let me know what else you have been doing.
Judie (Reitsema) Tulli

mr. warburton said...
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