Friday, December 18, 2009



Didn't I just start a new sketchbook way back HERE?

I mean, it usually takes me a coupla months to finish one, but this baby practically got polished off in a month.

But I know why... I do a lot of scientific research into these things.

First, the book itself was not really a sketchbook, per se.
Technically it was a scrapbook that I used as a sketchbook. I liked the grey paper inside and figured I'd give it a try. And since it was a scrapbook, the pages were a lot thicker than usual. Which means less pages.
So that's one reason it went fast.

Another was that I got kinda lazy and depended on other artists to fill the book up for me. Like when I was at CTN-X (which I talked about HERE and HERE). I never even got to post ALL the drawings I got from that weekend.

Which leads me to a nice segway... See this awesome drawing:

That's by the sooper brilliant artist/designer/vampire hunter Stefan G. Bucher.
He has a blog called Daily Monster where he draws a monster daily (duh) by squirting some ink on paper, blowing it with compressed air, and then creating a monster from the Rorshachish blot.

Quite genius. Check out the site and watch the videos to see it happen in real time HERE!

But I digest from telling thrilling (?) sketchbook tales...

Another reason this sketchbook went by like over-caffienated ninjas working at Benihana was because lately I've been forcing myself to draw BIG. You know, just to get out of my usual comfort zone of drawing within the page.

So here are a couple spreads from the latest book of sketchiness:

And then here's the NEW sketchbook...

Fresh and clean with 160 pages ready for fillin' up with drawlings. Here's the first one:

And away we go...


BOB BOYLE said...

I think that it's the California air that is causing your increase in doodle speed.

Anonymous said...

its finished already?!!
Fantastic sketches by the way :)
i think the new sketchbook will be just as amazing as the last!

laura :D