Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wanna see something pretty?


Then go see The Secret of Kells, please.

It's a masterpiece of design and just stunning to behold.
The story is nice...
But for my money
(which wasn't much since I got a
free pass from the Creative Talent Network...thanks guys!)
it was the production design that kept my attention.

Every shot was meticulously composed. Like this one:

And this one:

Yeah this one, too:

Wonderful character design based on solid shapes and flowing lines...
Simple, yet clever animation with interesting quirks...
(LOVED how Aisling's hair stayed flat with the ground when she walked)
Gorgeously painted BG's with texture you could just FEEL...

Here's the trailer... which is kinda deceiving since they try to make it seem more
epic and adventuresome than it really is.

Why couldn't they just say it was really pretty?

1 comment:

Charles K. said...

It really is a fantastically Irish film that you truly need to see on the big screen to do it justice (the TV doesn't do at all I'm afraid).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Oscar...