Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ya'll know that back on the East Coast I was a rough and tumble member of the ASIFA-EAST mafia and wasn't ashamed to admit it.

And now that I'm cold representin' the West Coast, I totally had to join ASIFA-HOLLYWOOD to see how they roll.

Now, I haven't been to one of their meetings yet but I already like how they roll stuff into my mailbox.

In the last month I've received a DVD of Monsters vs Aliens (w/ bonus disc), very pretty promotional booklets for The Fantastic Mr. Fox and 9, and a copy of UP, along with Partly Cloudy, the original soundtrack and yet another gorgeous booklet:

So why all the free stuff?

Well, this IS Hollywood and we're getting into Oscar-time around here.
So the studios are trying to get everyone's attention. And they come up with some pretty fun ways. For instance...

This just came in from the makers of Coraline:


Here's why:

So I hate to say this...

Yo, ASIFA EAST I miss you but ASIFA-HOLLYWOOD has the best free stuff of all time...



David B. Levy said...

I'll make you popcorn! Is it too late?

Linda Beck said...

The West Coast has animation?