Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Aw man, what kind of kissyface mess has Numbuh Four gotten himself into this month?!

And who's gonna save him?!

You can find out in the latest issue of Cartoon Network Action Pack #45

And while this is the LATEST issue,
it looks like this will also be the LASTEST for the Kids Next Door!

Yup... you read that right. We're all done making sooper exciting new adventures for the KND in the pages of Action Pack. We had a BLAST doing them but it's time to make room for some of the new shows!

I'm not sure how many stories we wrote, pencilled, inked, colored and lettered, but it was A SOOPER LOT. We started in the pages of Cartoon Cartoons, which later became Cartoon Network Block Party, and then moved over when they created Action Pack.
(click them links to see all the covers!)

And while hyper-powered penciller Maurice Fontenot and Indestructible Inker Rob 'The Iguana' Smith pretty much did the heavy lifting for most of the series, let's not forget that Kim Arndt and Matt Peters rocked the pencils as well.

Big thanks to the letterers and colorists who helped out, too-- but sooper big ups to colorist Candy Bell who always went above and beyond the call of coloriffickness.

And don't forget all the different artists who made those one-page KND vs DCFDTL comics; Peter Bagge, Sean 'Cheeks' Galloway, Mo Willems, Scott Benson, Art Baltazar, etc etc etc. You can check some of them out over HERE!

Also, thanks to the folks at DC COMICS for helping out; Joan Hilty, Harvey Richards, Rachel Gluckstern, Sean Ryan... and especially Elizabeth Gehrlein who had a special love for the KND I'll always be thankful for.

So rock onward, Cartoon Network Action Pack!

We had fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god I used to own all of those other ones. I hate myself for not having them anymore. Curses!


Anonymous said...

someone has got to save numbuh 4 quickly lol
oh no!!! i can't believe it about the comics! I am really going to miss them
i hope you still continue to draw the knd and post them on this site

laura :)

Bex said...

I get depressed that I can't find anywhere around where I live that actually sells these anyway...