Monday, January 11, 2010



Yup... as per the Cartoon Network schedule over HERE, they'll be airing a big chunk of KND season two this week!

And what a season it is:

Symbiotic Moustaches!
The Fourth Flavor!
Battle Ready Armor!
Cheese Ninjas!
Dueling Tubas!
Undead Hamsters!
Kid's Meals made with real Kids!

It's a wonder the KND survived such villainy!

And speaking of villains... this is the season we met The Crazy Old Cat Lady, Mr. Fizz, King Sandy and Numbuh Five's traitor sister Cree!

We also got to meet more of the KND organization-- like the boy hating Numbuh 86 and future Supreme Commander Numbuh 362!

So just for fun... here are some tidbits from the episodes that air this week:

Operation: POP - Ultra powered Head Writer of Wrongs Mo Willems and I formulate the theory that KND stories need an 'evil' and a 'sooper evil' . In this one the evil is 'adults raising the drinking age of soda to 13' and the sooper evil is '...but they're actually BOTTLING kids until they're 13'.

Operation: SUPPORT - I thought it would be cool to name Numbuh Five's older sister after the actress that played Numbuh Five but wasn't sure she'd approve. So during a recording session I asked Cree Summer if it was cool and she let out an ear piercing scream that absolutely meant YES.

OPERATION: MOVIE - To fill out the crowd of villains in the theatre, the character designers made villains out of almost all the KND crew. Someone listed a couple of them HERE.

Operation: GHOST - The original story was deemed TOO SCARY by Cartoon Network and had to be toned down a bit.

Operation: FLAVOR - The mysterious Fourth Flavor was almost licensed to an ice cream company! There was going to be a contest where kids could write in to say what they think it tasted like. Sadly, it never happened.

Operation: FUGITIVE - Many people thought the design of Numbuh 86 looked just like CN exec Linda Simensky. I tried explaining to them that 86 was Irish and had flaming red hair-- two things that Linda had not, but they still insisted I change the design... especially because 86 was such a nasty character. Linda happened to be stopping by the studio that day so I showed her the design and asked her who it looked like. "ME," she said. When I explained to her that the character was kind of a b*tch... she ordered me to leave it as is.

And there ya go!

Hope you enjoy the shows this week... hopefully there'll be more next week!


Jarred said...

They put up ed edd n eddy, billy and mandy, and many other re-runs. This one just tops it off >:] Lets hope it doesn't go away any time too soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope the give the episodes with Chad Dickson.He's my most favourite KND character.Mr Warburton can you tell us a little more about Chad Dickson like a little bit more about he's personality or something like that.I love Codename Kids Next Door.Mr Warburton is a genius.-Cute_Girl

Bex said...

I was thrilled to hear about them bringing it back.

Let's hope they keep it this way. (:

Anonymous said...

i hope get to show all of the episodes cause i love season 5 and 6 the best and they don't show them often
lets hope they keep showing them

laura :)

Christine Y. Chong said...
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Christine Y. Chong said...

congrat. :D

#0.704 said...

Just like the fierce earthquake, The KND has rocked the house!

I wonder if they'll re-show the movie...

... If not, I recorded it =D

Justin De Lucia said...

I love the KND. :D

Unknown said...

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darkautumnwolf Loba☾ said...

i love fanny, but i wish there was more done with her,where we could see and learn how and why she went from a medical field to decommissioning.also i kinda wanted her to grow even more as a character and be more of a regular along with sector v. plus this is the shipper in me but- chad x fanny ;P