Monday, March 29, 2010


So this is it...

I've written up some fun little anecdotes about every season of KND, Operation ZERO, the finale, and last but not beast--


Most of you already know, oh how you know, that I'm sooper best mega blood brother pals with Billy and Mandy creator Maxwell Atoms. Yeah... this guy:

That's me on the left

And we had been talking about doing a KND Billy and Mandy crossover for ages... but an episode like that would take an extra sooper bonus extra amount of work. Especially when our teams were on opposite coasts! So we waited... and waited... and waited.

And before I knew it, KND was winding down and my life became a little easier. And then... like a puffy, middle-aged cobra-- I STRUCK!

Mr. Atoms was still pretty busy finishing up his BIG BOOGIE ADVENTURE movie, but we found some time to brainstorm together and came up with a story about Mandy commanding an army of pants-eating ants that ended with a big 'WE ARE THE WORLD'-type song sung at the United Nations that kinda went like this:

I believe that pants are the future,
I believe that pants can make us whole,
I believe that pants make the world go rooooooound.

So why don’t we try them on together?
Just one leg at a time.
I know that pants will make us better
If they don’t then it’s a crime

We’re wearing pants, We’re wearing trousers!
We’re wearing slacks, and that’s a fact, so let’s say wowzers!
We’re wearing pants, We’re wearing trousers,
We’re wearing slacks, won’t give them back-

Well, you get the idea.

But Cartoon Network DIDN'T get it and told us to go back to the drawing board.
And that's just what I did. Here's some of what came out:

Yes, pants were still very involved in the story... but what sold it for me was the Delightful Children From Down the Lane assimilating everyone into one big reaper.

Now THAT was a cool idea.

Now as I said, Mr. Atoms was still pretty busy finishing up his movie, so most of the writing fell to me and then I sent it off to him to make it funny. Especially the Billy and Mandy parts. For instance, I had to remove all the bits where the script said stuff like, "... Mandy grinned evilly..." since Mandy, in fact, never smiles. (Well, except for that one episode.)

So what else can I tells ya about the episode?

• Not only did we crossover two very different Cartoon Network shows, we dragged Ed, Edd and Eddy into the fray as well! And yeah-- that was Danny Antonucci and company doing all the work for that bit because if we tried to do it-- it woulda been peeyew stinky! Those guys rock HARD!

• And how could we NOT squeeze Fred Fredburger into the episode? But did you know that the voice of Fred was supplied by Billy and Mandy storyboard artist Carl H. Greenblatt? And dya know why that name sounds so familiar? Perhaps because he went on to create Cartoon Network's hit series CHOWDER!

• But before there was Fred Fredburger, Mandy was torturing Numbuh One by making him watch something else on the TV. Unfortunately, CN had this to say:

p6 – We’d rather not make the joke that Numbuh One is being made to watch Sheep in the Big City as torture. We want to avoid offending Mo and since it no longer airs, most kids won’t even get the reference.

I told them I had asked Mo beforehand and that he loved the joke... but they still wouldn't go for it. We then tried Evil Con Carne. Again, no go. So Fred got the part.

• For you continuity fans, you probably noticed that the Global KND were in their brand new Moonbase Zero, which clearly puts this story AFTER the events of Operation: ZERO!

• Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure the Mandified Treehouse below only had a teeny tiny role in the epsiode-- or was cut out all together. Perhaps you operatives from Tennessee recognize it?

• Look sooooooooper closely when all the kids are popping out of the Reaper after it's defeated. You'll see alot of other CN characters if you don't blink, like Bloo, The Powerpuff Girls, Andy from Squirrel Boy and more more more!

• And we sure had a blast coming up with those other crossover ideas during the end credits. I think Samurai Mac and Evil Camp Carne were definitely my favorites! We came up with a lot more but only had time for those five!

And that's about all my tiny brain can remember as of right now!

Thanks so much for taking these little strolls down anecdote lane with me! It's been sooper fun! And who knows, years from now I might remember even more stuff.

But more likely I'll remember less.


Strange Kid said...
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Anonymous said...

Weirdest episode EVER!

But yeah, I'm kinda glad it's coming to show this Saturday.

So, can you going to give us a hint to the DCFDTL girls' name or not?

brianna14 said...

omg! i loove grim adventures of the KND! i guess all the waiting paied off, huh. when it comes on tv, i'll be sure to watch it.

cool picture of you and maxwell atoms :)

Anonymous said...

this was like the massive combo of other shows...epic
i must admit i never really watched billy and mandy at the time but i heard of it and cand still say it was a great crossover

laura :)

JoshBisawesome said...

Such an awesome episode. It's cool how you guys put a bunch of cartoon network shows making cameos and stuff. KND+Grim= awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

I loved the Grim Adventures of the KND. Everytime I watch it, I always find something that I never noticed before, such as some of the characters that pop out of the Delightful Reaper.

It's been fun reading these posts; I hope to see more of them sometime in the future. :)

robstar1fan said...

Hmm.... I saw something on youtube and I'm pretty sure it's real, but didn't Kuki have her very own cameo on he grim adventures of Billy and Mandy? Cause she wanted to be the new grim reaper? Here's the url for that:

brianna14 said...

i know this is a little off topic, but i'm watching an episode of codename: kids next door right now and there random farting sounds coming up through out the episodes...i just wanted to ask if it is supposed to be like that because i don't remember hearing that the last time i saw those episodes. it's REALLY funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you robertstar1fan! Ive been wanting to see that forever! The Grim Adventures of the KND was cool and I love it, but the thing I hate about it is Mandy plays the entire KND for SAPS. Its hard for me to believe that everyone except Numbuh 5 thought Mandy was Numbuh 1. And why would they let Numbuh 1 radically change the KND? (They sure got those treehouses changed fast though)Hes not any higher rank than any other KND Sector Leader right? It was still really awesome though and I loved all the cameos. Its too bad CH Greenblatt (what an awesome name!) hadnt started Chowder let though because it would have been hilarious if he was in there.

robstar1fan said...

You're welcome XD! But just in case you didn't know, that wasn't from The grim adventures of KND, the was just a regular episode including Numbuh 3 as a guest star for comedy.

robstar1fan said...

@brianna14, yes, I was watching operation SNOWING on cartoon network, and I think that the producer people of Cartoon network did that, because I have also sen these episodes before, not hearing sounds.

Unknown said...

@robstar1fan and @brianna14 that was only for April fools day. they did mean to put those sounds on there. and it was a really cool episode! I wish that they would do another crossover!

robstar1fan said...

OH! Thanks! It was kinda irratating, but I'm glad it was only for one day. I got side tracked by vacation time! XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny Angelwood said...

Actually, I ended up watching it without realizing what it was at first. Then I looked stuff up..and wow! It was a crossover! An awesome one, no doubt!
Excellent job working with Mr. Atoms! d=^__~=b

Tomcil said...

What were the other crossover ideas? :3