Sunday, September 12, 2010


Did you hear that?

That big, sooper giant


That was the sound of another sketchbook being closed.

As you can see, this one rocked from June 25, 2010 to September 10, 2010.

And what kind of oddities have been sealed into this one?
Aw, you know...

Comments on the weather:

Plant/Jellyfish things:


Random KND drawings:


More dinosaurs:

Me on fire:


This here funny picture by Noah Z. Jones, creator of Disney Channel's upcoming sooper giant huge funny new series, FISH HOOKS!

But to be honest, most of this sketchbook was taken up with me practicing the characters from Fish Hooks:

Oh, wait...

Didn't I tell you?

I'm working on Fish Hooks now!

I didn't?

Well, then I guess we have lots to talk about in the next post then!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Maxwell Atoms working on Fish Hooks, too? I watched it on Disney Channel when it premiered with my brother, and we both saw the name and screamed! I didn't realize you were working on it, too! I was overjoyed already that it had Maxwell Atoms, but now that I know you're working on it... I'd rather be hung by my toenails and force fed asparagus than miss this show.

Anonymous said...

What department are you working in?

Anonymous said...

You are?
Fish Hooks was so cute.

Just never, ever, evereverever forget about the KND, okay? No matter how busy or old you get. :D

Griffin R said...

Maxwell atoms is working on fishhooks. the possible reason why mr. warburton is working on fish hooks to is becuase of how maxwell atoms and mr. warburton are close friends.