Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A little while back, Mr. Willems and I were on the phone discussing our usual plethora of important topics:

How he's a bad person for preferring dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

How I'm a bad person for not reading books detailing the criticisms of the criticisms of the fabric of hats worn on the Great Silk Road of China during the Late Crustaceous Period of Boredom.

Arguing whether Vikings or Conquistadores would win
in a game of jeu de boule.
(Vikings, duh!)

And/or about who's getting better looking as they get older.
(Again... Vikings.)

Inbetween all that fascinating rot, Mo brought up a sooper secret project that he asked if I wanted to contribute to.



I mean, it's been eleventy eight years since we sat around making up stupid stuff together!

(For work, that is)

It was also a good excuse to hit NYC for some meetings I needed to have with some publishers. So I booked up a flight and hit the road (er... air).

Once there, I made my way up to Northampton, MA where I was graciously received at stately Knuffle Manor by Mo and his family. I hadn't been up to visit since they moved there two years ago so a tour was in order and, of course, the house rocks like a hurricane. Especially the chalkboard walls in the dining room.

What? You don't remember reading about those over HERE?

Uh huh.
Like a hurricane.

And those walls got put to good use during the party Mo was awesome enough to throw while I was in town. See, there are a LOT of writers and artists who live in Northampton. You can't throw a rock without hitting at least three.
(Personally, I can't throw a rock without hitting Mo.)
(Mainly because I'm aiming for him.)

Anyway... check out some of the chalky goodness that went down:

Sooper pal Jarrrett K. Krosoczka made good use of a light switch:

Norton Juster, he of The Phantom Tollbooth and The Dot and the Line, made this self portrait:

Unbelievable painter Scott M. Fisher added his as well:

But there weren't just artists and writers there. An AI specialist named Lee wrote this formula on the wall. I think it's the key to happiness.
Or potato chips:

And Rebecca Guay showed us all how to draw the ladies:

I myself, was framed:

And I have no idea who did these delightful doodles:

And what's a party without Cherry Man?

So after all this fun, I went to bed very happy (and very late). Old friends, new friends, yummy food, lots of root beer and many, many laughs of all sizes.
It was almost a shame to have to work the next day.
But when work involves as many laughs as a party...
Who can call it work?

Thanks, Mo!
I miss you guys already!


amandaorr said...

I went to college in Northampton! Love that town.

amandaorr said...

I went to college in Northampton! Love that town.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of you. My biggest goal in life is to become a cartoonist. It sounds like one of the most fun lifestyles a person with my taste can have.Everything about it just seems so perfect.

Griffin R said...

iff only i live near Northhampton i live near sandwich (which is also in MA but far from Northhampton)

Nancy L. said...

Harumph! You were in Noho, and you didn't even give us a shout?!!!