Monday, October 25, 2010


Way back before Codename: Kids Next Door became a totally for reals, 100% actual TV show it was just 1 of 10 pilot episodes that Cartoon Network was mulling over as a potential new show. I guess it must have been a pretty tough decision so they decided to pass the buck and let the viewers decide.

That was The Big Pick Weekend, which I've talked about plenty.
(but for those who've been away on extended secret missions you can hear that story at the good ol' Sooper Secret KND Production Blog over HERE!)

Speaking of which-- look what I found whilst excavating the other day:

Yeah... it's no secret I like the Pokemon cards.
A bunch of us at Cartoon Network even had a little after-work league going while I was working on the KND pilot.

So to drum up some interest in KND and get folks to vote I made a Pokemon card to post around the assorted Pokemon TCG sites I hung around.

I guess it worked!


Mariana =] said...

hahahaha! I loved the idea and the knd-pokémon card! xD
and, did you say that you like pokémon cards? When i was young i collected a few of them and i still have a PC game to play it on the computer =D

PS. sorry for the poor english, i'm brazilian =]

Numbuh 711 said...

What about Yu-Gi-Oh?