Tuesday, October 26, 2010




Kakko ii, ne?!


Mariana =] said...

that was unexpected and funny xD

Numbuh 711 said...

What is this I don't even

Okay, I laughed

brianna14 said...

didn't know the knd could dance that good :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen that before! Such win.

Anonymous said...

Ah! So someone finally made a "Danjo" parody for KND. Awesome. :) In a nutshell lyrics are talking about seating a class on a bus in a certain order, but the second speaker in the song keeps messing up the order. Danjo = "boy/girl".

Anonymous said...

heh heh...
my friend made that. xD
I can't tell if you're flattered or deeply confused.
Do you even know how popular the japan dub of KND is?

If you don't like this..
Never go to Deviantart.

Anonymous said...

she really likes Hoagie, if you couldn't tell...

Lonlon said...

Hello!Nice to meet you.

I am Lonlon.
It is a person who made this animation.

Because it is Japanese, it is not good at English.
When English is wrong, I'm sorry. ><

I am always drawing the picture of KND.

Please see my homepage if it is good.

I,Love KND!

Anonymous said...

there she is. :D

やあ! (*w*)



anata no danjo anime wa sooper totemo kakko ii!
sore demo KND no e wa subarashii desu you!
arigatou gozaimasu!

kaki tszuku yo!

(gomen gomen-- watashi no nihongo wa jozu ja nai!)

Emma Roe said...

mr. warburton i dont get the japenese lingo at all!!!!!!!!! plz translate!!!!1

Lonlon said...

arigato! or Thank you^^
your Japanese is good!

Hereafter, please let me see happily blog.^w^